TELL CONGRESS: Let’s Rebuild America’s Infrastructure

After decades of neglect, the state of American infrastructure is poor. America currently ranks 13th in the world when it comes to the overall quality of our infrastructure and the American Society of Civil Engineer’s 2021 Report Card rated it a C-.

Meanwhile, other nations like China have invested billions of dollars into roads, bridges, railroads, high-speed internet, and more. America is falling behind. But, it’s not too late.

Congress has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to bring our infrastructure system into the 21st century, to put millions of Americans to work, and to improve our overall quality of life by passing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act on October 31.

The Senate-passed bipartisan infrastructure bill will repair our 47,000 structurally deficient bridges, eliminate the lead water pipes that currently poison up to 10 million American households and 400,000 school and childcare facilities, help connect millions of Americans in hard-to-reach areas to high-speed internet, and upgrade our power grid with resilient transmission lines to facilitate the transition to a cleaner electric system.

However, none of this is possible unless the House of Representatives passes the bill. It is past time we brought our infrastructure into the 21st century. The longer our elected leaders wait to pass this critical legislation, the more our roads, bridges, and highways will deteriorate and the more it will cost every American. Let’s not waste any more time, let’s start rebuilding America’s infrastructure now.

Tell Congress and President Biden: It's Time to Invest!


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